Ryan Whatley was born in Hastings in 1986. He`is a Blake Society Tithe Grant poet. His poems have appeared in Forward Poetry: Great Escapes, Envoi, Harlequin, Magma, Other Poetry, The Rialto, Stand; featured as part of Britten in Oxford, Modern Poets on Viking Poetry, and set to music performed at St Pauls Cathedral. He is curently co-editor of twiceorthrice.


"There is always the question of what is damn clever and what is only damn clever. This is damn clever and much more: it forms that which would normally fly into the realm of the inconsequential into a shape that carries significance. The poem was not trying to present the reader with anything overtly poetic, but trusted to the poetry of ordinary things by re-ordering them and giving them a dramatic value [...] There are poems, like 'Elevator Talk', that seem to be hardly there at all but move the heart with the least amount of apparent effort."

- George Szirtes, Judges Report, on Prizewinning Poem 'Elevator Talk'


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